Washington, Idaho, and Montana

Since our last post we’ve made it to Missoula, Montana. On the way, we passed through a final stretch of Washington and all of Idaho that we’ll see. Here are a couple pictures to follow us with!

Washington continued to amaze us with its gorgeous scenery. We rode through many fields of various grains, and stopped by plenty of random houses for water.

Forgot to take a picture when we entered Idaho, but took one shortly after. East bound!

View from our tent in the evening. We try to get to bed around 9pm, mostly because we’re exhausted by then, and because we get up between 5-6:30am…

Giant dandelions! This day we tackled a 2,000 foot hill, about 8 miles long. Thankfully, there was little traffic – six cars passed us going down and only a motorcycle going up!

Winchester, Idaho had a wonderful lake that we swam in. Though you can’t see it here, they also had free life jackets for loan. It was nice to simply float after a long, hot day.

Idaho at its finest. I take back most of the bad things I’ve said about the state. Most.

We’ve been developing some pretty intense biker tans!

Three days in Clearwater National Forest without cell service! But an incredible ride along the Snake and Lochsa rivers.

Seriously, three days of this. Can’t get much better.

And finally to Montana after an intense Lolo Pass! Our fourth state.

Stayed in Missoula for a rest day and are loving the young town! Went to the farmers market, went tubing down the Blackfoot River, and even managed to hitch a ride back into town quickly!

And now, we ride toward Yellowstone!


Week One: We’re Alive!

Six days in and the trip is going well! We departed from a beach near Seaside on June 23rd, and have already traveled 359 miles. Here are some pictures with accompanying details:


Departure from the West Coast – didn’t want to get sand into our chains, but dipped our feet into the ocean.


Hills of Western Washington. Lots of hills.


An hour into our third day and Erin got a flat tire. Thankfully James was able to replace the tube! Between that, finding a new saddle in Portland, and the rain, we weren’t sure we’d make it to our end destination. Fortunately, a kind couple near Skamania hosted us for the night – even cooking dinner and breakfast for us!


In the Columbia Gorge, riding along the river.


Many water & Cliff Bar breaks!


In one day we clearly made the transition from West to Eastern Washington. Remarkably more arid landscape.


One day we biked 83 miles – 82 of which had “limited services”, meaning not even a gas station. It made for a long, hot day, but this campground was rewarding in the end!


Then the land started flattening out quickly…


A nice motorcyclist pulled off the road to offer to take our picture for us!

Now we’re taking a rest day in Walla Walla, staying with a good friend. Taking some time to send some unnecessary items back home (honestly, Erin hasn’t used her comb at all…) and tune up our bikes. We’ll likely update in another week or so!