New York (Bike Route 5)

This is admittedly belated, but definitely needed. We enjoyed New York, though it’s hard to adjust to the idea of being so close to the end. Followed the Erie Canal for most of the way, as well as Bike Route 5. There worked well – though getting lost in Utica was a bit hairy. But all’s well that ends well. Onto the photos!



Following the Erie Canalway Bike Trail, we ran into a thunderstorm and found this bridge to sit it out under. Met another touring cyclist while waiting for the rain to die down which made for a welcome diversion.



Steep hills in New York. Also, we’ve noticed that people seem to honk more frequently here than in other states.



Some of the steepest/longest hills we’ve had since Wyoming! At only 600-800 feet though, they were simply fun to climb and gave very rewarding views at the end. We camped up here – looking out over the valley – near a cornfield. A perfect night – no need for a fly and an incredible sunset.



Rode out of Albany with a good friend for a good 15 miles or so…until she got a flat tire. We tried patching it, but it didn’t hold and we soon had to part ways. But in any case, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Albany area.



INTO MASSACHUSETTS!!! Our last state! A big climb up into it – through the Berkshires. Massachusetts had some great climbing; it was great to get to have big hills to coast down again. There’s nothing like hitting 40mph on a long hill.



Impressive church in the middle of an unincorporated Massachusetts town. The history in this area is crazy – we’re used to just hearing about Lewis and Clark all the time.



Taking care of final tire/tube troubles. Erin’s tires are both in need of replacing…amazing how 3,800 odd miles will shred a tire.

We’re so close now – incredible to think about.


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  1. So, you guys are nearly finished!! How absolutely impressed we are! Good continued luck on your trip home…James, hope you kept notes so you can author your first book Big Hugs…will call when we get back from our road trip 🙂

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