4pm, Wednesday, September 4th — we sight the Atlantic ocean from the top of a hill and coast down to Revere Beach just north of Boston, MA.

3,804 miles, 74 days, we’ve made it.


Pure joy.



A clean beach (the first public one in the US), what better way to end?!



Asking strangers to take our picture for our required ending photo.



Took some days off in Boston and saw the sights, including the Freedom Trail. We may have had showers each night, but wearing the same clothes made the trip seem somewhat inconclusive.



Caught the carnival in Cambridge on Sunday. A great way to spend our last day exploring the area.

Boston was a blast – so glad we decided to end our trip there!  We did face some trouble getting our bikes shipped out, but that was eventually resolved. (BIG shout-out to Joe who helped us from afar in getting everything settled. Just goes to show how real and supportive the touring bicycle community is.)



Train layover in Chicago led to downtown exploration, even thought the weather happened to be in the 90s (ugh).



The train ride home! About 3.5 days total, over the Northern part of the US. Literally crossed over our bicycle route several times, which was incredible to see and remember. It’s amazing to see how much of the US is so sparsly populated.



Gorgeous sunset before entering Glacier Park in Montana. 

It’s good to be home. And having finished this epic of a journey, it’s exciting to think about future possibilities.




  1. Erin and James, it’s been so amazing to “ride along with you” on your trip. I thoroughly enjoyed your photos and comentary. Welcome home!
    Pat Kehrli

  2. Congratulations Erin and James!!! We’re so happy to hear that you’ve SAFELY completed your journey! If you are ever in our area again or decide you want to “climb Devil’s Tower!!!”, be sure to get a hold of us!!! “Best Wishes” for all your future endeavors! Mary and Steve Layman in Gillette, Wyoming

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