A century, state fair, and Canada!

It’s been a little while since our last update, so here we go. We’re now in New York, having crossed through downstate Michigan and southern Ontario. Waiting out a storm under a bridge on the Erie Canalway Bike Trail as we speak. We should be able to take the trail all the way to Albany. So, for the photos!

20130826-122930.jpgManaged to catch the tractor pulls at the UP State Fair while in Escanaba. ‘Murica.

20130826-122939.jpgJames enjoyed the rides at the fair – while Erin enjoyed the safety of the ground. A classic, American fair. Glad we happened to be in the area on opening day!

20130826-122950.jpg Our first Century (100 mile) day!!! Here, Erin attempts to sign out ‘100’ and more than fails at doing so. Although it was pretty flat, we faced consistent head and cross winds, making it a challenging ride.

20130826-123023.jpg Biking along the upper coast of Lake Michigan, we passed some gorgeous sandy stretches.

20130826-122618.jpgWe took a rest day in Capac, Michigan. It was our first true rest day – we hung out with this cute dog and were treated to fabulous food and conversation by our hosts!

20130826-122631.jpg Into Canada! We took a tiny ferry over (the size of the Puget Island one). Watched a semi truck break off a little bit of the landing on the Canadian side and successfully made it through immigration (though we did have to give up our pepper spray).

20130826-122646.jpg A glimpse into our life via the handlebar bag – power bars, wallet, hand sanitizer, and phone. Pretty much everything we need while on the road.

20130826-122706.jpg Stopped at a Tim Horton’s in Canada – of course Canadian fast food would be sandwiches and soup. Pretty delicious.

20130826-122718.jpg Lots of windmills along Lake Erie. Many people had signs both in support and opposition of wind turbines nailed to fences. Does anyone know if windmills cause cancer or other health concerns? Apparently that’s the word going around.

20130826-122737.jpg Niagara Falls! We’d been looking forward to this stop for a while. Hit it much earlier in the day than anticipated, so we headed into the US a day early. Sad to leave the legitimately friendly Canadians.

20130826-122801.jpg We accidentally missed the pedestrian path and got to sit in traffic to cross the border. Fortunately our spirits were high at the excitement of reaching a new state and we enjoyed chatting with other waiting drivers.

20130826-123047.jpg About ten days left – we’re aiming to hit Boston around September 5th. Hard to come to terms with the fact that this is almost over.


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