Back to Civilization

We’ve made it to the Twin Cities – largest urban area since Portland! A couple days ago, when we passed THREE towns with populations over 1,000 within the course of one day, we knew we were back in civilization.

Now six weeks into our trip, the end seems to be approaching quickly (sadly). But before we think about that too much, here’s an update on our most recent travels!

20130804-194629.jpg Tractors are giant out in South Dakota! We had to get off the road several times over a couple days to make way. They’re even larger than semi trucks, if that helps put their size in better perspective.

20130804-194612.jpg Erin demonstrates an efficient way to eat yogurt. No need to dig around in our bags for a spoon, the foil top makes a perfect scoop!

20130804-194533.jpg Some of the more interesting road kill (though we have seen a total of three road kill turtles). Other species include: badgers, rabbits, skunks, coyotes, cats, deer, ground squirrels, birds, bees, and even butterflies! Too many to count – we’ve gotten pretty good about telling when one is coming up just by smell.

20130804-194750.jpg We’re still stealth camping, but sometimes we manage to catch gorgeous sunsets and sunrises – when we aren’t hidden in the trees.

20130804-194724.jpg We passed through DeSmitt, SD – the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder! Erin was a bit more excited than James, but we both took the tour (along with a ton of little girls).

20130804-194716.jpg Into Minnesota! It was nice to finally get out of the flat, dry, tree-less stretches of South Dakota.

20130804-194738.jpg We found three (THREE!!!) new kinds of Cliff Bars in this grocery store! Words cannot explain how oddly excited we were. After going through about 2 bars each per day for six weeks, any variety is welcome.

20130804-194811.jpg And into Minneapolis! The weather has been gorgeous (though maybe not for pictures), and we’re loving the many bike trails in the cities.

Now we’re headed off to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and more remote roads.


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