Crossing the 1,000 Mile Mark

Our third week — how time flies. This week held all sorts of adventures, from crossing the Continental Divide three times, to reaching new heights (literally), to touring a section of Yellowstone. As usual, a couple photos to show you the trip through our eyes:


Shortly out of Missoula we hit the real Rockies — with a 3,000 foot climb to Chief Joseph Pass. Little food on the way, so we had to make do with cold spaghetti and meatballs from the can. Still, we had a great time, especially as we met a 70 year old man who has been solo biking for the last seven year. What stories he had!


Big Sky Montana –truly lived up to its name during our time in the state.Image

We happened to past through Montnana National Forests at the tail end of the Rainbow Gathering ( The local people were not too happy about it. However, from what we heard, the real problems arising from these gatherings are the people left behind, without cars, who are hitchiking back home.


Passed Virginia and Nevada Cities, both ghost towns. Virginia City has been preserved since the 1950s, when it went bust after the gold rush.


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