Hi friends and strangers alike!

We’re a brother and sister duo from small-town Southwest Washington — setting off on an adventure like nothing we’ve ever done. Here’s a little more about ourselves:

James is a quiet spoken student attending The Evergreen State College in Olympia. He is studying English Literature and is highly interested in environmental ideas and politics. He loves exploring new books — right now Paradigms Lost — a taking time to read them carefully. James ran a spur-of-the-moment half-marathon this past year, and is looking forward to pushing himself in various physical feats.

Erin is a rising senior at Northwestern University in Illinois. She is studying Social Policy and has been able to use her time at college to travel to Ghana and Uganda which has only ignited her desire to continue exploring. Erin tends to think of herself as pretty laid back — though James is a strong competitor in this category. She is excited at the opportunity to spend this summer with her brother before they become ‘real adults’.


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  4pm, Wednesday, September 4th — we sight the Atlantic ocean from the top of a hill and coast down to Revere Beach just north of Boston, MA. 3,804 miles, 74 days, we’ve made it. Pure joy.   A clean beach (the first public one in the US), what better way to end?!   Asking … Continue reading

New York (Bike Route 5)

This is admittedly belated, but definitely needed. We enjoyed New York, though it’s hard to adjust to the idea of being so close to the end. Followed the Erie Canal for most of the way, as well as Bike Route 5. There worked well – though getting lost in Utica was a bit hairy. But all’s well that ends … Continue reading

A century, state fair, and Canada!

It’s been a little while since our last update, so here we go. We’re now in New York, having crossed through downstate Michigan and southern Ontario. Waiting out a storm under a bridge on the Erie Canalway Bike Trail as we speak. We should be able to take the trail all the way to Albany. … Continue reading

Into the Northern Wilderness

Since Minneapolis, we’ve worked out way across northern Wisconsin and into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (the UP). It’s been incredibly delightful to get away from the city and onto back-country roads. We’ve also come to deeply appreciate trees — anything besides arid, flat landscape. The hills are picking up, but now they’re fun (South Dakota took … Continue reading

Back to Civilization

We’ve made it to the Twin Cities – largest urban area since Portland! A couple days ago, when we passed THREE towns with populations over 1,000 within the course of one day, we knew we were back in civilization. Now six weeks into our trip, the end seems to be approaching quickly (sadly). But before … Continue reading

Isn’t it Supposed to Flatten Out?

We passed into the Central Time Zone today! As exciting as that landmark is, we’ve had a couple others that rival it. From Cody, WY to the capital of South Dakota, Pierre, we’ve made good time across this past section. We’re now six whole days ahead of schedule — which gives us a nice buffer … Continue reading

Crossing the 1,000 Mile Mark

Our third week — how time flies. This week held all sorts of adventures, from crossing the Continental Divide three times, to reaching new heights (literally), to touring a section of Yellowstone. As usual, a couple photos to show you the trip through our eyes: Shortly out of Missoula we hit the real Rockies — … Continue reading